How To Perform a Psychic Reading – A Beginner’s Guide to Reading Tarot Cards – James Gregory

One day while having lunch with a few friends, the topic of tarot card readings was brought up. I was amused at the discussion since I had doubts about how a deck of cards could change anyone’s life. My doubtfulness soon turned to curiosity as the conversation revealed intriguing details of a “tarot reading party” held the night before.

Even though I was invited to attend this tarot party, I didn’t show up since I had determined it would be a waste of time. As I sat listening to my friends I could sense the energy level and excitement rising as they went around the table discussing the details of their personal reading. I soon realized I had missed an opportunity for a fun and insightful evening.

A few months went by and my friends invited me to another tarot reading party. I still had my doubts but my curiosity was at an all time high and I gladly accepted the invitation. I must admit, I was a little nervous when it was my turn to sit across the table from Janelle the “professional reader.” I never had a reading and didn’t know what to expect. I sat there for a few seconds staring at her before I hesitantly uttered, “Okay, do I ask you a question or do you just start reading the cards?”

She politely smiled and said I could ask her any question I wanted. That was the beginning of my tarot journey and I must admit I wasn’t 100% convinced the results of this or any other reading were going to solve my concerns. However, after having several readings and studying tarot in detail, I soon discovered the cards can make a difference in your life. Your perception and response to challenges will forever be different once you open your mind to the interpretations of the tarot cards.

Being curious, I had to find out if anyone with no formal psychic training could learn to read tarot cards. It seemed like a complicated process trying to interpret all those “funny” symbols on the cards. Did you have to be born with certain psychic powers or is there a way to “become” psychic? I soon discovered that anyone with determination and desire can become a “Psychic Reader.” You just need to learn the “how to” details.

The purpose of this guide is to give you those details and provide you with a straightforward recipe to become “psychic.” By following these simple steps, you can provide insight into difficult questions concerning career, love, money and happiness.

Whether you decide to become a psychic advisor or just want a better understanding for personal use, this guide will give you the foundation to build upon.

You don’t have to be a wizard or genius to succeed as a tarot card reader. Far from it. Although, you will have to study the basic principles, the results will be evident in no time at all.

Many beginning tarot readers find memorizing the meanings of an entire tarot deck an overwhelming task and give up. You won’t have this problem. The simplified method presented in this guide won’t overwhelm you with material you don’t need right away. After chapter four you will be able to practice with family and friends. You will have plenty of time to learn advanced topics as you become more experienced.

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